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About Michael M Parto | Tax and Accounting Firm in Hancock Park

At Michael M. Parto An Accountancy Corporation, we are dedicated to providing tax and accounting services for individuals and businesses to achieve ongoing financial success. We help clients gain greater efficiency in the operations of their personal and professional finances.

Schedule your initial consultation with our experienced and friendly accounting professional by contacting our Los Angeles CPA today.

Our Experience, Your Financial Education

Michael Parto has worked in his field for over two decades, in a number of industries, and has the experience necessary to provide quality accounting services in Los Angeles. Our team understands the niche tasks necessary to promote ongoing success, as well as the steps that should be taken to break into a new vertical. We leverage this knowledge to support our clients and educate them, ensuring that they understand their personal financial needs.

When providing tax and accounting support to our clients, we endeavor to help them become financially literate and independent, allowing for greater success in the future.

Partnered for Continued Success

Michael M. Parto An Accountancy Corporation works as a partner with our clients. We treat each client’s tax and accounting concerns as though they were our own and pay detailed attention to ensure quality services. Should clients need additional tax or accounting support, we accommodate them remotely, at our office, or at their chosen meeting place, allowing peace of mind in knowing we are always available for assistance.

Support for Specific Industries

While able to provide exceptional support for businesses in any vertical, Michael M. Parto An Accountancy Corporation has experience working in several niche industries to promote your success. Our firm has experience with:

-          Healthcare Professionals

-          Real Estate Professionals

-          Freelancers

-          Veterinarians

We leverage our experience to provide proven strategies for accounting success. Whether this requires accounting strategies that take into account multiple rental properties or keeping track of multiple self-employed contractors that need to be billed as such, we are able to provide the support you need.

Competitive Pricing

In order to make professional support attainable for our clients, Michael M. Parto An Accountancy Corporation’s services are priced appropriately. Our Los Angeles CPA works within the budget of most small businesses to help them succeed in increasing profit margins and lowering overhead costs through ethical and innovative means.

When laying out costs for clients, we are also totally transparent, ensuring that they understand how our fees are generated, and what aspects of their personal or professional finances will be affected by our services.

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Whether you are looking for tax and accounting assistance for yourself or your business, contact Michael M. Parto An Accountancy Corporation today. We provide detailed and experienced financial services for individuals and businesses throughout Los Angeles and the neighboring communities. 

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